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GoWire.ca is committed to protecting the privacy of the information that is provided by our visitors and customers to our website. GoWire.ca may request information from individuals visiting our website or using our service. Information may include, but not limited to, the name, title, address, telephone number, payment information and email address of the individual.

The information will be use to :

  • check availability of service in your area

  • activate an account to start using service with GoWire.ca

  • process telephone number transfer forms

  • register an account with the phone service provider Fibernectics

  • provide billing by a third party

GoWire.ca will not knowingly distribute or be caused to distribute your personal information to any entity for any reason, accept for reasons described above. No information will be collected unless it is voluntarily provided by the visitor or customer. GoWire.ca will not sell, share or rent this information to others than as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. 

In addition, the information will also be used for billing purposes and account maintenance and upgrades.

All visitor and customer information is restricted to GoWire’s qualified personnel, such as, but not limited to, customer service operators, installation technicians and billing personnels. The information will also be stored and kept in a safe and secure location.

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GoWire.ca may disclose a visitor or customer's information if it is reasonable to do so in circumstances such as :

  • to satisfy the law

  • for government regulations or requests

  • for legal requests

  • to act against an individual who has violated the Agreement Terms and Conditions of GoWire.ca

  • to protect GoWire.ca and our customers

If a customer needs to update or change personal information, GoWire.ca personnel will help them do so. Customers can contact GoWire.ca at service@gowire.ca to update or change personal information. 

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